by Robert Ferré

This instruction manual replaces our earlier work entitled The Chartres Labyrinth Trilogy. Our mission is to get labyrinths in the world. We make them and sell them, of course, but we also provide the materials for others to make their own labyrinths.

I believe this is the only complete, step-by-step manual that gives all of the details for a beginner to make a Chartres labyrinth. Since it also mentions techniques, describes certain templates and tools, and gives a number of hints for working with volunteers, this book has something to offer to experienced labyrinth makers asBook cover for "Constructing the Chartres Labyrinth," an instruction manual. well.

Fairly frequently I hear from people who have bought a Seed Kit from Veriditas (Grace Cathedral) in San Francisco, only to find that there aren't enough instructions to proceed in making their own labyrinth. I greatly support Veriditas and feel they do wonderful work. A contribution to them in the form of purchasing the Seed Kit goes for a worthwhile cause. Having said that, even the Seed Kit admits that additional outside help may be required. Our manual offers that help.

It is quite a different experience making the Chartres labyrinth out of masking tape, on canvas, or out of bricks. Our manual covers all of these materials and more. Since working with canvas requires the greatest accuracy, we spend a bit more time on that than the other subjects. But the techniques described can be used in other ways, and even for other types of labyrinths.

While this manual mentions a few of the important aspects of sacred geometry to be found in the labyrinth (it gives very specific proportions for line and path widths, center size, etc.), a full discussion of the origins, symbolism and design is available from another of our books (origin).

35 pages

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