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Labyrinth Enterprises is now a collaborative effort of numerous labyrinth artists. Here are biographies of some of those artists. More will likely be joining the fold. For information on the new structure, see: COLLABORATIVE.

A colleague who heads a highly visible labyrinth company once stated that his goal was to remove the art from labyrinth making. Apparently he was having trouble finding skilled artists capable of doing this kind of exacting work. So he switched over to a completely mechanical production, using computers, stencils, and plotters -- no human touch. At Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC, we have taken just the opposite approach. We strive to add as much art as possible to our projects and products, which are all made by hand. Here are some of the artists involved in this work (presented alphabetically).


John holds a BFA and a master's degree in graphic design. An independent artist who teaches and illustrates papermaking and paper marbling, John works on labyrinths between trips and art shows. Besides drawing and painting, he is in charge of assembling our nylon rainbow labyrinths.

John is such a perfectionist that I sometimes have to convince him that a project is finished, rather like an artist knowing when a painting is done. There is nothing more pleasing than entering the studio and seeing Judy and John hard at work. John has been with us longer than anyone except Judy (more than 10 years).


David is a superb professional musician and jack-of-many-trades. A world class didjeridoo player, David often graces the work site with a morning concert during the pre-work. He has labyrinths on his own property and is involved in a wide range of creative endeavors. You can learn more at


Chuck is our most experienced on-site installer and supervisor. He has a certificate in concrete studies and helps with the maintenance of all of our tools. A resident of Asheville, NC, Chuck has 35 years' experience as a jeweler. His blogs detailing some of our labyrinth installations, and examples of his jewelry, can be seen on his website,


John has made labyrinths for more than 17 years. He is a meticulous craftsman who is good with tools, logical in his approach to work, and who knows and loves labyrinths. He has worked with us to help install concrete labyrinths in numerous locations. John makes canvas labyrinths, and also produces excellent wooden finger labyrinths which can be seen at his website,



John Ridder