Installing Labyrinths

Working with volunteers is very cost effective. Pictured is an installation in Charlottesville, Virginia.The adults take a break in order to rest up, but this young lady, who was a good worker, took breaks in order to run and play.
Photo by Lars Howlett. See his marvelous photography at
(See more about working with Volunteers)
Read more about our crushed granite installations using volunteer helpers: granite.

Labyrinth Master Class

Each year Robert gives a master class, along with his colleague Lars Howlett, in how to build labyrinths. It used to be one day, then two days, and finally in 2014 it was three days.

Here (above photo) the class is making a small Chartres Labyrinth in masking tape on the floor (photo by Lars Howlett -- see We also made labyrinths using beans, bottle caps, and engineer's tape. Typically, the class is in late July or early August in Petaluma, California, at Veriditas headquarters on the campus of the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Next year we are considering holding a three-day master class on the east coast. If that interests you, plase contact Veriditas through their website,

Photo by Lars Howlett


Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC, is a collaborative of skilled labyrinth artists prepared to install the best labyrinth for your site and budget. Robert Ferré, now retired after 18 years as a full-time labyrinth maker, still acts as technical advisor and contact person. By communicating with the architect, client, or committee in charge, Robert helps to determine the best pattern and medium within the specified budget. The work is then assigned to the appropriate artists within the collaborative, who complete the installation. Robert still does two or three jobs a year personally.


Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC, previously published five titles and a series of worksheets available on this website and Now, Robert's attention has turned to writing, including updating and reissuing the previous labyrinth books and new material on a variety of subjects, especially cruises and self-publishing. The following links pertain to the publishing activities:
The website for Robert's memoir of a transatlantic cruise.
Descriptive accouts of cruises taken by Robert and Linda Ricketts.
Robert's personal website.

Labyrinth Books

By the end of the year several of the labyrinth books will be available. The books are being tripled in size with more facts and illustrations. Proofreaders are always needed. If you would like to help with this, please contact Robert (

Robert says: "I got my start in 1995 when the Rev. Dr. Lauren Artress, founder of Veriditas, asked me to make a canvas labyrinth. She liked it and asked me to make more, which I sold to Veriditas wholesale and which they resold to churches and other clients. Then I went retail, expanded to permanent labyrinths, wrote some books, and enjoyed a star-studded career.

Now I'm retired, mostly, and concentrating on getting all of this knowledge in my head down onto paper for future generations. All of the proceeds from these books go to Veriditas (whether you buy the books from them directly or on I can't think of a more fitting way to acknowledge our two decades of working together. I especially enjoy our annual master class where I get to teach peope all aspects of making labyrinths. I love that "Ah ha!" moment when they really get it. If you want to learn how to make labyrinths, come join us."

The canvas labyrinth book is new, a sixth book. There will be several more after that. Check back now and again to see how the publishing is coming along. Thanks for your interest in labyrinths.

Robert's cruise memoir love story.

While working on the five books slated for reissuing, Robert saw the need for a sixth book, which is now available on Canvas Labyrinths: Construction Manual. It seems that more people are likely to make a portable labyrinth than a very involved permanent one.

Previously released was: Church Labyrinths

Soon to be available:
Classical Labyrinths: Construction Manual
Chartres Labyrinth: Construction Manual
Symbolism (etc.) of Chartres Labyrinth
The Labyrinth Revival

Labyrinth Building: Advanced Concepts